Priya + Gaurav – Candid Wedding Photographer Goa

Priya & Gaurav’s two day grand wedding celebration at Leela Goa Resort. Initially Priya was a little worried about the whole wedding and how it would all go as they were planning the whole wedding remotely from London. Gaurav on the other hand was super chilled and relaxed about everything! Things finally started falling in place by themselves as we came closer to the dates and rest was all history. The first day of the wedding was celebrated with an evening sunset ring ceremony, followed by late night sangeet, a kickass family performance and DJ party. On the second day was the haldi ceremony, followed by baraat procession and wedding ceremony itself and then the Vidaai. There was good food, great music, and in conclusion we all had a lovely time. Furthermore a big THANK YOU to the beautiful couple for having us at their big day ? You both make a lovely and very pretty pair together 🙂 God bless you both!

Decor by : Reynolds Wedding Planner’s

Video by : Deneemotion Film’s from UK

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